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Mobile application RFBENCHMARK allows measurements of radio coverage provided by mobile operator and testing of Internet Connection Quality for different Radio Access Technologies (RAN), such as: GSM, 3G, LTE, WIFI.


Application can be downloaded free of charge directly from RFBenchmark website and Google Store. You can find application at Google Store using search string RFBENCHMARK. As alternative, if you have configured Google account in your mobile phone, it is possible to installan application using browser and link at RFBENCHMARK Web Site

How to use mobile application RFBenchmark

By pressing left upper button you can display application main menu


Questionnaire let you report problems with provide service quality. You can choose exact problem, determine place where problem was and write additional comment.


To create an account you should choose „Register” option or use the Facebook or Twitter account. If you already have RFBenchmark application account you should sign in using assigned credentials or use the Facebook, Twitter (alternatively). You can use application without login. In this case no user specyfic filtering of data is available.


Information about application, RFBenchmark Website and Terms & Conditions


The button „Exit” causes shut down the application.In order to proceed with background measurements you should hide application window using „Home” or „Back” button instead