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    Maciej Biegajewski

    Pasjonat technologii mobilnych i ich zastosowania w życiu codziennym. W swojej karierze pomagał bezpiecznie wdrażać i zarządzań urządzenia mobilne do małych i średnich przedsiębiorstw, a obecnie ułatwia pracownikom pracę zdalną przy użyciu narzedzi do real time communication. Od podszewki zna problemy i potrzeby użytkowników smartfonów związane z dostępem do sieci, efektywnym wykorzystaniem narzędzi mobilnych w pracy oraz dbaniem o komfort i ochronę prywatności.

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  • Summary of 5G deployment status in Poland – RFBenchmark Stationary Test 2021/220

    The year 2021 was marked by the expansion of 5G coverage to more cities. Further commercial deployments were to electrify not only telecommunications enthusiasts, but above all ordinary people. Thanks to the access to modern technology, they were to reap many benefits. Notel Poland experts powered with Infovista network testing software, decided to check the

  • Visit the Notel stand during MWC 2022

    Visit the Notel stand during MWC 20220

    Once again, the Notel Poland team will participate in one of the most prestigious events that is the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. From 28 February to 3 March 2022, an unforgettable time full of presentations, forecasts and announcements of the most important products in the innovative world of mobile technologies awaits us.

  • The new RFBenchmark Lite application is now available!

    The new RFBenchmark Lite application is now available!0

    Good news for all members of the RFBenchmark community! The latest version of the RFBenchmark Lite application has just been released in the Google Play store. The application has been rebuilt to simplify the user interface and introduce a new way of visualising the data displayed on the map. We hope that these changes will

  • Forget Cash – the Moscow Metro Now Allows You to Pay With Your Face

    Forget Cash – the Moscow Metro Now Allows You to Pay With Your Face0

    If you thought using your own contactless card to make fare payments was a game-changer, wait until you read about Face Pay, a new facial recognition payment system that has just debuted in Russia. Last Friday, the city of Moscow announced the launch of Face Pay in all of its metro stations. Users will no