Mobile Internet in Poland 5G/LTE (September 2023)

Mobile Internet in Poland 5G/LTE (September 2023)

As September rolls in, it’s hard not to picture students hurrying back to school and the leaves slowly turning yellow. We often notice a bump in mobile network activity around this time. Did last month follow the trend? Let’s dive into our September report to see the state of mobile Internet speed and quality in Poland.

In September, we based our mobile operators ranking on 583,579 measurements. Such a large research sample was made possible thanks to the active users of our RFBENCHMARK mobile application.

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Out of the total, 88,106 measurements utilized 5G technology, while 453,119 measurements were conducted using 4G LTE technology. The remaining measurements were carried out with the older WCDMA technology.

In terms of network coverage, Orange had the highest share with 33.7% of the measurements. This was followed by Play with 31.7%, Plus at 18.1%, and T-Mobile accounting for 16.4%.

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Mobile Internet in Poland – What was the situation like in August 2023?

The rankings for August remained relatively stable, with minimal shifts from previous months.

Plus continued to dominate in the category of average 5G download speeds, clinching the top spot with a speed of 140.9 Mbps. When it came to other 5G metrics, Play stood out, securing the lead in both average upload speed at 36 Mbps and boasting the lowest ping value of 26.4 ms.

For the 4G LTE measurements in August, the trends were consistent with prior observations. T-Mobile led the pack in LTE download speeds, registering 46.8 Mbps. Meanwhile, in the upload and ping categories for 4G LTE, Play maintained its leading position, recording 23 Mbps and 29.3 ms, respectively.

Check out the state of mobile Internet in Poland in August 2023

The state of mobile Internet in Poland in September 2023

5G performance

Average data download speed: Plus (136.2 Mbps)

Plus consistently scores high in the average 5G download speeds, as seen in both our Drive Test results and monthly reports. In September, Plus remains on top, but its score of 136.2 Mbps is a bit lower than August.

The performances of other operators were closely matched. Play secured the second spot with 54.7 Mbps, while T-Mobile followed closely at 52.5 Mbps. Just trailing behind was Orange with 52.3 Mbps.

Average data upload speed: Play (36.3 Mbps)

Play continues to show strong results in the upload speed category, recording the highest speed of 36.3 Mbps. T-Mobile was next with 33.5 Mbps, and Orange was third with 31.6 Mbps. Plus, even though it led in download speeds, was at the bottom with 27.4 Mbps.

Lowest ping value: Play (27.5 ms)

The rankings for the average lowest ping value mirrored the previous categories. Play took the lead with 27.5 ms, followed by Orange at 29 ms (a slight shift from the upload speed rankings). T-Mobile was a close third with 29.7 ms, and Plus lagged behind at 32.9 ms.

Download (5G)
Upload (5G)
Download (5G)
Upload (5G)

4G LTE performance

Average data download speed:  T-Mobile (43.9 Mbps)

For 4G LTE, the results remained consistent without major shifts. T-Mobile held its top position in the average download speed category with 43.9 Mbps. Following closely were Play with 40.4 Mbps, Orange at 38.2 Mbps, and Plus with 34.2 Mbps.

Average data upload speed: Play (22.5 Mbps)

In the 4G LTE upload speed category, Play secured the lead with 22.5 Mbps. The competition for the next spots was tight. T-Mobile recorded 19.6 Mbps, just edging out Orange which posted a speed of 19.2 Mbps. Plus came in last with 16.6 Mbps.

Lowest ping value: Play (29.5 ms)

Looking at the LTE ping values, the rankings were somewhat similar. Play was the top performer with 29.5 ms. Orange and T-Mobile switched places compared to the upload speeds, with Orange registering 31 ms and T-Mobile at 34 ms. Plus remained in the last spot with 38.6 ms.

Download (LTE)
Upload (LTE)
Download (LTE)
Upload (LTE)

5G/4G LTE Leaderboard


Parameter measuredOrangePlayPlusT-Mobile
Data download speed52.3 Mbps54.7 Mbps136.2 Mbps52.5 Mbps
Data upload speed31.6 Mbps36.3 Mbps27.4 Mbps33.5 Mbps
Ping29.0 ms27.5 ms32.9 ms29.7 ms
Number of measurements20090287572296116298


Parameter measuredOrangePlayPlusT-Mobile
Data download speed38.2 Mbps40.4 Mbps34.2 Mbps43.9 Mbps
Data upload speed19.2 Mbps22.5 Mbps16.6 Mbps19.6 Mbps
Ping31.0 ms29.5 ms38.6 ms34.0 ms
Number of measurements1640751464746984972721

How did we collect data for the ranking?

The measurements are collected from the users of our mobile app. It allows us to measure basic mobile network parameters – including signal level and quality depending on the technology used by the mobile device, information about the mobile network operator, or the country where the smartphone is located. In addition, on-demand measurements of data download and upload speeds, as well as a latency test, are performed.

When the app notices a low-quality voice call, lack of mobile Internet service, or other services, it has the ability to report the user’s current position where the problem occurred.

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