Nokia and Citymesh Join Forces to Create World’s First Nationwide 5G Drone Network

Nokia and Citymesh Join Forces to Create World’s First Nationwide 5G Drone Network

Nokia, the renowned tech giant, in partnership with Belgian telecom operator Citymesh, is bringing to market the world’s first 5G drone platform. The package, composed of 70 Drone-in-a-Box (DiaB) units, blankets the entire country of Belgium, creating an automated 5G drone grid with the aim of accelerating resource mobilization in emergency situations.

SENSE by Citymesh – Innovation at the service of safety

Drones, constituting the network called SENSE, are deployed in 35 emergency zones across the country. Their mission is to gather information during the critical 15-minute period immediately following a report. This ensures that first-response teams are fully informed and prepared to respond to each unique situation.

Boosting the efficiency of rescue services

Belgium’s emergency services receive more than two million calls a year. Usually, police and fire brigades are dispatched to the scene with incomplete data, which can hinder the efficiency of their response. With the Nokia Drone Networks, pilots can operate 24/7, dispatching drones from docks strategically located across the country.

Technological Advantage of Drones

The drones are equipped with high-resolution and AI-enhanced thermal imaging cameras. They allow the recording of real-time aerial footage – such as smoke plumes, fire parameters, and the number and location of people – and transmit it to control centers even before rescue teams leave their bases.

A new chapter in safety technology

The SENSE project is proof of how technology can save lives. Cooperation with Nokia has allowed Citymesh to create reliable wireless connectivity and an excellent Drone-in-a-Box solution, which can be customized to specific needs. This forms a modern, safe, and innovative network that will contribute to increasing the safety of Belgium.

Source: Nokia

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