RFBENCHMARK and CX Touchpoints Announce Strategic Partnership

RFBENCHMARK and CX Touchpoints Announce Strategic Partnership

RFBENCHMARK and CX Touchpoints Announce Strategic Partnership to Boost Mobile Internet Quality in Africa

Douala, Cameroon – In a groundbreaking move set to redefine the mobile internet landscape in Africa, RFBENCHMARK, a leading mobile network measurement solution developed by the Notel Company, and CX Touchpoints Group, Africa’s premier Customer Experience organization, have announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to launch the RFBENCHMARK Crowdsource tool, a free and innovative platform that empowers users to independently research mobile Internet quality and speed across the continent.

This partnership is a testament to the commitment of both companies to bring transparency and innovation to the mobile internet sector in Africa. By leveraging RFBENCHMARK’s proven expertise in mobile network parameters and CX Touchpoints’ unparalleled understanding of customer experience, users can now make informed decisions about their choice of cell phone and mobile internet offerings. This initiative seeks to debunk myths and challenge the status quo, ensuring that the speeds presented by mobile network operators are not just marketing gimmicks but are rooted in reality.

“RFBENCHMARK has always been at the forefront of providing users with accurate and transparent data about mobile network performance. Our collaboration with CX Touchpoints Group is a significant step towards expanding our reach and impact, especially in a dynamic and rapidly evolving market like Africa,” remarked Szymon Nowak, the CEO of RFBENCHMARK.

Echoing these sentiments, Kpunsa F. Mbinkar, the Managing Partner of CX Touchpoints Group stated, “Our mission has always been to transform customer experience in Africa. Partnering with RFBENCHMARK allows us to further empower our clients and partners with a tool that not only enhances their customer experience but also brings tangible value by providing insights into mobile internet quality.”

The RFBENCHMARK mobile application, which has seen immense success in Central and Eastern Europe, allows users to measure vital mobile network parameters, including signal strength and Internet speed tests for various technologies. The results, visualized on an interactive map at www.rfbenchmark.eu, offer invaluable insights into mobile Internet quality, coverage, and the locations of mobile network transmitters.

On the other hand, CX Touchpoints Group has been instrumental in reshaping the customer experience landscape in Africa. Their tools and strategies have enabled organizations to foster customer-centric cultures, build proactive teams, and establish systems that drive sustainable value for both customers and businesses.

This partnership is not just a merger of two giants but a fusion of innovation, expertise, and a shared vision for a brighter, more connected Africa.


RFBENCHMARK is a solution developed by the Notel Company, specializing in measuring essential mobile network parameters. With its significant popularity in Central and Eastern Europe, RFBENCHMARK is now setting its sights on the African continent.

About CX Touchpoints Group 

CX Touchpoints Group stands as a beacon of customer experience excellence in Africa. With a mission to revolutionize customer service, they provide organizations with the tools and skills needed to master employee and customer experience at every touchpoint.

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