Mobile Internet connection speed in Europe – RFBenchmark report (Q1 2018)

Author: Maciej Biegajewski
Mobile Internet connection speed in Europe- RFBenchmark report (Q1 2018)

RFBenchmark presents the first quarterly report of 2018. The speed of mobile Internet in Europe has come under our magnifying glass. Has anything changed on the Old Continent in comparison with the previous quarter?

Let us recall that at the end of 2017, the best services in terms of data download speed could be found in Croatia (22.4 Mbps), Austria (21.6 Mbps) and France (20.4 Mbps). Austrians could also enjoy the leading position in the category of data upload speed (11.7 Mbps). In addition to Austria, the Netherlands (11.0 Mbps) and Georgia (10.02 Mbps) also made it to the podium. The lowest ping value was recorded among the citizens of the countries in North-eastern Europe. In Estonia, the ping value was 28 ms, followed by Latvia (39 ms) and Finland (44 ms).

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The countries with the fastest mobile internet speeds in Europe

In the first quarter of 2018, Internet users in France, Croatia and Austria were able to download data the fastest. This group of countries is well-known to us from the previous report, although we can observe changes in the order. The new leader that moved up from the third place is France with a score of 20.6 Mbps. Croatia came second with a score of 20.4 Mbps. On the lowest step of the podium, there’s Austria with a score of 20.2 Mbps. However, the residents of Ukraine, where the download speed was only 4.98 Mbps, have no reason to be satisfied. Macedonia (7.5 Mb/s) and Belarus (9.2 Mb/s) ranked just as poorly.

At the beginning of 2018, what was the situation regarding data upload like on the Old Continent? The inhabitants of Austria are able to upload data the fastest (10.9 Mbps). The Netherlands is right behind them with a score of 10.5 Mbps. Spain moved up to the third place with a score of 9.84 Mbps. It surpassed Georgia, which has been on the podium until now, and recorded quite a good score of 8.48 Mbps in the latest ranking. The worst-performing countries are Montenegro (2.0 Mbps), Macedonia (2.1 Mbps) and Ukraine (2.41 Mbps).

In comparison with the previous quarter, the composition of the three countries with the lowest ping value has not changed. Among them, we can find Finland (39 ms) and Estonia (41 ms), while the third place went to Latvia.

The highest ping value was recorded in Ukraine, Russia and Romania.

Mobile Internet in Poland- how do we fare compared with the rest of Europe?

Compared to our neighbours, Poland is doing well in terms of the quality of services and the speed of Internet offered to its residents. In Poland, the average data download speed is 18.2 Mbps, while the best score in Europe is 20.6 Mbps. This score means that we are better than Spain, Italy, Denmark or Germany.

We are doing slightly worse in terms of data upload speed, with a score of 7.56 Mbps. We are less successful than Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom in this category. We can be particularly pleased with the results in the lowest ping value category. In this quarter, mobile Internet users living by the Vistula River can enjoy a ping of 51 ms. Thanks to this, Poland ranks 5th in Europe!


Szybkość Internetu Mobilnego w Europie
Szybkość Internetu Mobilnego w Europie
Szybkość Internetu Mobilnego w Europie

The most important data from Q1 2018


  • average data download speed: 18.2 Mbps
  • average data upload speed: 7.56 Mbps
  • ping value: 51 ms


Europe – the highest average data download speed:

  1. France: 20.6 Mbps
  2. Croatia: 20.4 Mbps
  3. Austria: 20.2 Mbps


Europe – the lowest average data download speed:

  • Ukraine: 4.98 Mbps
  • Macedonia: 7.5 Mbps
  • Belarus: 9.2 Mbps


Europe – the highest average data upload speed:

  1. Austria: 10.9 Mbps
  2. The Netherlands: 10.5 Mbps
  3. Spain: 9.84 Mbps


Europe – the lowest average data upload speed:

  • Montenegro: 2.0 Mbps
  • Macedonia: 2.1 Mbps
  • Ukraine: 2.41 Mbps


Europe – the lowest ping value:

  1. Finland: 39 ms
  2. Estonia: 41 ms
  3. Lithuania: 46 ms


Europe – the highest ping value:

  • Ukraine: 138 ms
  • Russia: 127 ms
  • Romania: 121 ms

How did we collect data for the ranking?

Analytics are collected from the different users using the RFBenchmark mobile application. The mobile application allows the analysis of various radio parameters and test the internet speed of technologies such as: GSM, 3G and 4G-LTE. The Interactive map available on website provides the Quality of Service (QoS) and the corresponding ranking of different mobile operators based on the analytics collected by the application users.

Whenever the RFBenchmark application registers a low-quality voice connection, a sudden reduction in the internet connection speed or any other malfunction, it has the ability to report the current location of the user, where the disruption in the service has occurred.

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