Mobile internet connection speed in Europe – RFBenchmark report (Q4 2017)

Author: Maciej Biegajewski
Mobile internet connection speed in Europe – RFBenchmark report (Q4 2017)

RFBenchmark presented a report on the mobile internet connection speed in Europe, for the fourth quarter of the year 2017. Which country has moved into the leading position? What changes could have been observed in the previous, third quarter? Can we identify any leaders in Europe or is there still a fierce competition?

The countries with the fastest mobile internet speeds in Europe

Austria, Croatia and France – these are the countries with the best data download speeds. People in these countries enjoyed the best mobile internet in Europe in the last months of 2017. Data download speed in Austria reached as high as 21.6 Mbps. While in Croatia, it was measured at 22.4 Mbps. Likewise, in France the average download speed was 20.4 Mbps.

What about the speed of data upload? Austria once again secured the first place in the results with an average upload speed of 11.7 Mbps. It was marginally ahead of Netherlands (11.0 Mbps) and Georgia (10.02 Mbps).

If the result in terms of ping is considered (the lower, the better) – Estonia was the leader with a latency score of 28 ms.

We can not forget about the countries falling out much worse compared to the rest of the countries. Ukraine fell the worst in each of the three categories measured by RFBenchmark. Belarus and Ireland did not do well to collect data, and Belarus also had a low result in terms of average data upload speed. Further, the ping value was very high in Romania and Russia.

Mobile internet connection speed in Poland 

The situation in Poland, when it comes to mobile Internet compared to other countries in Europe, remained stable. We don’t have any major mobile tycoons here, but the infrastructure is improving month by month. The average download speed in Poland was 16.4 Mbps, and the upload speed was 6.89 Mbps.

Similarly, the ping value in Poland was 60 ms. This value is twice as high as in Estonia, the country with the best result in the ping category, but almost three times lower than Ukraine, which took the last place.

Mobile internet connection speed in Europe
Mobile internet connection speed in Europe
Mobile internet connection speed in Europe

Mobile internet connection speed in Europe – The most important data from Q4 2017


average data download speed: 16.4 Mbps
average data upload speed: 6.89 Mbps
ping: 60 ms

The highest average data download speed in Europe:

1. Croatia: 22.4 Mbps
2. Austria: 21.6 Mbps
3. France: 20.4 Mbps

The lowest average data download speed in Europe

Ukraine: 4.89 Mbps

Belarus: 7.65 Mbps

Ireland: 8.11 Mbps

The highest average data upload speed in Europe:

1. Austria: 11.7 Mbps
2. The Netherlands: 11.0 Mbps
3. Georgia:  10.02 Mbps

The lowest average data download speed in Europe

Ukraine: 2.11 Mbps
Belarus: 3.46 Mbps

The lowest ping value

1. Estonia: 28 ms

2. Latvia: 39 ms
3. Finland: 44 ms

The highest ping value

Ukraine: 165 ms
Romania: 125 ms
Russia:  120 ms

How did we collect data for the ranking?

Analytics are collected from the different users using the RFBenchmark mobile application. The mobile application allows the analysis of various radio parameters and test the internet speed of technologies such as: GSM, 3G and 4G-LTE. The Interactive map available on website provides the Quality of Service (QoS) and the corresponding ranking of different mobile operators based on the analytics collected by the application users.

Whenever the RFBenchmark application registers a low-quality voice connection, a sudden reduction in the internet connection speed or any other malfunction, it has the ability to report the current location of the user, where the disruption in the service has occurred.

Do you want to help us create a report on the quality of services and the speed of mobile Internet in Europe?

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