Telia launches 5G service in Estonia

Author: Maciej Biegajewski
Telia launches 5G service in Estonia

Only weeks after introducing a 5G service in Sweden, Telia has ridden the connectivity wave all the way to the Baltic country of Estonia.

Launching the country’s first 5G network took place in collaboration with TalTech University as a test bed for the academic institution, regional firms, and start-up companies alike. The 5G network is a permanent venture making use of uniform and commercial 5G products.

Kirke Saar, CTO at the Estonian branch of Telia, expressed confidence and faith in their service, saying that the company was excited to see the introduction of innovative, interesting services and business models based on 5G, and that all shareholders are free to check the possibilities of this newly introduced technology at the TalTech University. She also emphasized the University’s suitability for this partnership, being a place which combines scientific knowledge, intelligent people, and experience in collaborating with various partners. Telia’s 5G service also supports their recently launched NB-IoT network which at the moment has its first commercial user.

This belief was reinforced by the Rector of TalTech University, Jaak Aaviksoo, who further commented on the launch saying it would unlock countless communication opportunities in the online world. TalTech, Telia and Ericsson made this move jointly, confident about the creativity of scientists and students when using this platform and introducing new concepts. Launching a 5G service means a huge leap forward for the entire country.

Telia is no stranger to the world of 5G, having introduced the network at KTH the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in early December, which has since been dubbed the first building block for 5G services in Sweden.

The primary task for the 5G service will be a 4K live stream on the TalTech University campus of the network launch party from the Old Town Christmas Market in Tallinn, which was recently chosen as the best in Europe.

The cooperation will not restrain the ambitions of users wanting to play around with the 5G network, although one of the earliest initiatives will concentrate on autonomous driving. TalTech University´s self-driving car was officially tested for the first time back in September; however, the introduction of 5G technology will definitely expedite progress in this area.

The following phase of the autonomous initiative will include starting a vehicle-to-vehicle communication platform in cooperation with Telia while optimising the vehicle structure in partnership with Silberauto, one of the largest automotive companies in the Baltic area.