The new RFBenchmark application for iOS is now available in the App Store

Author: Maciej Biegajewski
The new RFBenchmark application for iOS is now available in the App Store

Are you tired of the fake news stories and sponsored reports on the quality of the Internet that we are surrounded with? We know this feeling all too well. However, we don’t like empty slogans and helplessly wringing our hands. Therefore, our own RFBenchmark project is under development. It is an independent application to measure the quality and speed of mobile Internet and a dedicated portal to visualize this data. And now, the new version of our application for devices with the iOS operating system is here.

For several years now, we have been regularly publishing reports that aim to present the actual state of the telecommunication services markets around the world. Obviously, we show it as it is, without the whole commercialization and celebrities popping out of our TV screens. This is the result of the efforts of our team of developers and the community around our portal and the RFBenchmark application. With users in mind, we decided to update the tool for iPhone and iPad owners. From now on, network measurements will be even more convenient for the fans of gadgets with the bitten apple logo.

What’s new in the RFBenchmark application available in the App Store?

From the first time you use it, you will see an improvement in the solution performance. Streaming measurements are also a new feature. They will allow for instant verification of the ability to play video files of different quality.

Using the Internet jargon – mobile technology enthusiasts lurking at night will accept this update with a smile on their face. The RFBenchmark application for iOS already has dark mode design. This opinion is, of course, expressed tongue-in-cheek. The new design is very elegant and adapted to new trends.

The advantages of the new release of the product signed with the RFBenchmark logo can be enjoyed by users of iOS 11.0 or later. It is also compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. The whole range of functionalities takes up only 23 MB of disk space, and the application can be downloaded for free. It is also ad-free.

Create this community with us and ensure the transparency of the global mobile services market!

Download our new iOS application right now!

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